Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Random randomness

.......I'm just taking a breather on the sofa and I flicked on the tv. There was an hour long programme about Lindsey Lohan, I am still wondering why on earth I have wasted an hour of my life in such a way but honestly - what is the point of that girl? And Paris Hilton - ewwww don't even get me started. Both girls have been given a great opportunity in life but I can't see that either of them are doing us or them any good with the power that they have. I would always like to think if I were famous I would remember where my feet should be planted and I would always remember that I have been given a voice and it should be used for much more beneficially things than shouting 'Fire crotch' at each other. I know they are young BUT do they have to be stupid too? Now, Nicole Richie used to be another 'one of those types' but she appears to have put herself into a good place, she and her boyfriend have a great foundation set up and I think she appreciates the position she is in. Although the fact that she has called her new born Sparrow is making me wonder if she's been taking a bit of the illegal stuff again.

I ponder that sort of life and I really couldn't imagine it. I wouldn't want it. I saw a video of Paris Hiltons closet once and I thought that I might be a little jealous of all the clothes, shoes and jewellery but it was over sized looked hideous.....excess to the point of being know when you fancy a cream cake but a box of them is on offer in the store and it seems like such a great idea at the time but ends up like rainbow vomit? That's Paris's wardrobe. That much excess doesn't make you jealous/envious it makes you feel a little uneasy. There is something great about saving up for something or those charity store finds........I wonder if they have ever felt that or if it's like yet another free gift, yet another blah blah. Maybe that is why so many of them go on to steal - just for kicks - a thrill that we get from making that most wanted purchase. And then not being able to wear the same dress more than once - I have some items of clothing that I would hate to never be able to wear again. Then there's some people in this world that are probably lucky to have more than one posh frock and one pair of shoes.......just a thought.

I can't help but find these girls become very ugly on the inside - which then starts to show on the outside too!

It must be so boring to be those people after the first few years of 'fame'. You get kids today with the career ambitions to be 'famous'. You ask them what for and they haven't even thought about that one. I mean I am from that school of girls don't marry the rock star, BE the rock star. Being famous should be a by product of having an amazing talent. TV should not be filled with the programmes they are. X Factor - it makes my teeth clench just typing the name - taking some people that really half the time need a counsellors couch and not Simon Cowell. Mean and nasty. How many actors and actresses make it? How many streets in Hollywood are filled with broken dreams....out of work actors in bar jobs (sorry dude but you're a barman that wants to be an actor), that's like me saying I am a millionaire that's just having to work til I get my break!?!

Maybe it's not even the fault of these girls, maybe it's the parents or society - but someone pushed it that way - and it's them that really has a lot to answer for - that should be given a voice to explain just why.

It must be horrible to have so many flashing lights going off at you every time you so much as breath - camera lenses in your face, up your skirt, in your crotch. Didn't the native americans say that for each photograph taken of you that it stole a bit of your soul......I can't help thinking that they were onto something!


  1. Couldn't find a way to contact you other than a commen't! I wanted to know if you are up for casually writing for a little magazine I'm starting up with a friend. We both have enough experience and qualifications to do it, just had to wait for the right time. Would love it if you could contribute I think you would be perfect for it. Its going to be a little free magazine distributed around yorkshire, interested?

  2. oh, by the way if you are my email is

  3. Ooo would love to - thank you so much - I'll email you!

  4. Alison.. actually me n my sis talk'd about this after we saw "mean girls" on dvd only that they paris and Lindsay [ Britney was in the list too but impliedly has gone mad] are wasting their "youthful power" they can do anything for the human kind.. but they are sooooo self obsessed that i know they will die with a mirror in hand, a pair of stilettos in feet and drugs in blood... thats it.. somebody wake 'em up

  5. though you gotta admit that in most cases youth is the time to be shallow, corruptable, and plummett... as it were.

    They just have the unfortunate luck of doing it in front of millions... and even worse luck at having no real construct to learn, or gain rather, perspective from their actions.

    never underestimate the power of an alternate reality. We are jealous of their reality, but in many ways it is the cause of their own destruction - or in the very least a throttle to their potential character.

  6. You are right and I agree that your youth is the time to let your hair down I think it just breaks my heart a little how many of them go way beyond letting their hair down but are so surrounded by yes men that they never really know or learn how unacceptable they are being to the world and to themselves. And we do have a sick fascination as humans to see people fall which is almost as distrubing...if not more so.

  7. Love ur witty writing style!! enjoy reading ya blog!

    One Love,

  8. Thank you so much for the compliment ☺☺

  9. I don't get why everyone seems to have this x-factor syndrome of wanting to be famous for doing nothing. I read a statistic that the most popular career choice for girls in high school is to be a glamor model :(

  10. Gosh feminism has come on a long way hasn't it *rolls eyes* - it's such a lazy way to make a living - but hey I shouldn't judge others but some people just make it too easy ☺