Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My weekly roundup - not quite the September Issue but.....

My apologies for that being the opening image....I can hear screams of 'my eyes....my eyes!!' from here!!! 'Try hard much' is the only phrase that springs to mind. IF you are weird and crazy - we'll know - you don't have to try to make it so obvious. IF you are stylish and sexy - we'll know - you don't have to practically cavort around naked. Lady Ga Ga I do not salute you (shame as the girl knows how to write a catchy song but she's made me not be able to stand her....him....you know WHATEVER so past caring.)

Moving on to this? What is it? Emu reincarnated? His offspring? There have been sightings of Big foot again, I think it was really someone in one of these coats just a little lost whilst out on a walk.

Red coats. Every year I want one - one year I had a gorgeous Victorian style long coat with fake fur trim all around and a hood - my flatmate was being kind and popped it in the wash to surprise me - she did. It came out half the coat it was ah boo - but the middle coat looks like a mighty fine replacement. Oh yay I can be called Little Red Riding hood everywhere I go again.

These boots I love. I just don't know anyone that can wear heels like that on a daily basis especially anyone that has to actually walk? If you know the secret please do tell!

Now I know fashion should be creative but I sometimes think it goes a bit too far - it still has to be wearable and I don't think half a blanket wrapped round you with a very dangerous face level sharp bit is all that wearable......it makes a nice silhouette though.

The tights - the sequined tights are back again and these I love, but the dress - it looks like the pebble dashed sick puddles you find in the street on a Saturday mornings but there is something about it that makes me think with the right accessories it might just work...

I am a girly girl and I do like bows and pink and pretty things but is it just me or some of the bows getting taken to extremes that they no longer look like a bow but a porter pillow?

Alexa Chung (I met her once - not as tall as I had expected, I was taller, but she had the most amazing skin)....anyway, she was slated for wearing this dress with people saying it look a doilie. I disagree, I think she carries this look off well and is young enough to make it look a little girly, feminine and quirky and not doilie like!

This look I love, the hair, the pink make up, the red beret, the gloves...I think it's going to be my winter look!

I love these trainers - buckles and baseball boots, it adds to the boot to stop it looking too sporty or too lazy. I think these will go on my Christmas list too!

I have seen a lot of white and soft peaches on the fashion pages - I don't understand how it is a winter or a spring colour - I am also not sold on it's suitability for most people - if you are pale skinned it can look dangerously like you have no clothes on from a certain distance and can have a draining effect on the complexion - so I think it's a pretty look but one that you have to be very careful with the make up and the accessories you choose to go with.
Now this is much more colourful and much more fitting for the season - I can't see me in it but a young Marianne Faithful would've loved it.

I tried to like this bag and I guess it would go with your staple lbd or off duty model look but I'd end up stroking it like it was my pet dog and then that's all I could see it as - a pretend pet dog on a chain.

I don't think I should like this dress, but I do. At over £1,000 I like it a little less but it's cute and quirky and with all the layers on it - you can hide the extra pie or two tummy to perfection.

And now for the gossip - I don't know what went on with Mischa Barton and more to the point I couldn't care too much either - but whatever happened to make her go from this:

To this.....in just a matter of weeks has got to get the thumbs up. Not only did it give her cheekbones - it gave her style!!!!!!!!!

I laughed and laughed and shook my head thinking silly old fool when it was first announced that Ronnie Wood had put his poor wife out of her misery and left her for a younger model. Of course it was true love but Jo bless her she got up brushed herself off and has got on with her life even stating that she feels like she has been set free....and now Ronnie's world has come crashing down around him. Let that be a lesson to you old men - young pretty girls are fleeting - your wife that was once the young pretty girl is probably the person to stick with, ok!?!?

And yay Agnes has gone dark. I love it on her. I love that she will change her style - she is in fashion after all - think Kate Moss, same look for yeaaaaarssss. I will always herald the black bob - I had a great one until I got bored and decided to grow it but I am naturally blonde and hated it. With blonde hair someone once said to a friend 'who was that blonde bint you were with?' when I dyed it they were asked who the dark haired mysterious lady was....well I know which I preferred. Life did seem easier as a blonde though - no one had many expectations but who wants easy!

I will round up my weekly review with a nod to Jennifer Aniston. She's not a classic beauty and she doesn't have a models figure but all I can say to that is THANK YOU! She's a little more real but has topped the best dressed lists many times. People went mad for her haircut. And horse shampoo has never sold so well. BUT what is she being remembered for....a lady that is hopeless at relationships!??!! What now? Her husband cheated on her and dumped her. That makes him a bit of a shit it doesn't make her a hopeless case. So Miss Jennifer, I salute you!


  1. About Jennifer: Every guy has a problem with her. Is there a reason?

    On the outside, looking in... I love her ~ but is there something we don't know?

  2. I hear you but we all have relationships that break up that's how we find 'the one' and learn what works for us - just because she's had a couple of break ups why does it make her a total loser......look at Cameron Diaz she's in an even more hopeless situation but nothing is said about her - just seems to me that Jen gets used as a scape goat. It's not like I am some huge fan of hers - as an actress she's mediocre to be honest I'm just fed up of reading 'poor old jen' headlines I think ☺☺