Monday, 7 September 2009

Monday morning, brings the dawn in, leaves a restless world behind you....

Man I am tired - why oh why oh why does every Monday morning have to start the same? It doesn't matter if I am at work or on holiday it's one sure thing in life - I feel crap on a Monday morning.

I had the weirdest dream and woke up as though I had been out and about doing what I was dreaming of. I was outside with some people I didn't know - they seemed a bit shifty and I didn't know who to trust but knew that some people were for me and some against......I remember being in a car and I left all my belongings in it but suddenly thought twice and grabbed my handbag.....I then ran off to some big wooden shack of a bar and ended up swinging from chandeliers throwing knives (badly) at some blonder haired kid who was throwing knives at me (thankfully with the same rubbish aim) he then ran off with me in persuit, only to find loads of blank faces staring at me saying he just jumped down 300ft and I was like dude we're only on a balcony there can't be a 300ft drop and ran away. I then ended up in a shop with some girl smiling at me - she was holding out a photograph that showed me, her and two others all in victorian style clothing - I looked back at the photograph and my face had been replaced by another girls, this was apparently the way that I was shown who was working with me......she then held out a hairslide with a flower on it and the flower came off - there was some significance to the flower coming off but the alarm clock going off in my ear will stop me from ever knowing what!


  1. wow that was unexpected :O

    here its only 3:45am and i have yet gone to sleep too busy finishing to read the hunger games

  2. Hope my dream doesn't give you weird dreams :o)