Sunday, 6 September 2009

Follow the yellow brick road......

On my way to the station - somehow I look like I have been styled by Helena Bonham Carter........but my dress was knee length and non too floaty - ah shadow self!

On the train I started taking pictures to make this a 'weekend in picture blog' and it was amazing how much of a trend it started - suddenly everyone was getting their cameras out and taking pictures - kindof funny (you will notice that the picture weekend didn't happen because I ended up having too much fun and forgetting all the great photo opportunities).


Cherry Yoghurt Shake - you have no idea how good these babies are....and incidentally quite healthy too! Overheard conversations were about a woman convinced her child was autistic because he was 18 months old and not walking - he's a boy - I'm not being sexist but it's quite common knowledge that boys can be slower at learning to walk and the poor lad is being labelled autistic because of it.

A long girly shop interjected with a bucket of hot chocolate commenced.....resulting in two amazing purchases if I do say so myself.

The book is presented in a lovely manner - the photos look a little aged and are accompanied by minimal text, sometimes Witty, sometimes just down right strange! I had never heard of this book - nor had I ever seen it before, part of me is quite amazed that this was ever published as to be honest it's like some mildly hallucinagised elderly gentleman has let his imagination run a little wilder than is normally deemed acceptable. It's so wonderfully presented though that I had to buy not one but two copies (for a present).

The coolness of this bag needs no explanation!

I went to visit Morticia's new house, it was lovely - the garden huge, rambling, filled with apples, damsons, black berries, roses and um frogs! The only sound was our voices. No sirens. No screams. Nothing. Beautiful. The more time I spend in London the more I appreciate moments like that. Still. Calm. I never used to understand those two words. I had a lovely afternoon with Marion, Mathew, Jade and Levi, but I have to say one of the big highlights was this:

This is a pencil drawing by Levi, aged a grand old 16. I am quite simply blown away by her talent. See more of her work at

On the way home - within a few miles of London the noise started with a group of drunken buffoon's, I had to have a word at one point when one put his knee on my bag repeatedly. I got an apology. Once back in London you can smell the pollution in the air - sirens, blue flashing lights, menacing glares. But there is something poetically beautiful about this city. The fashion. The history. The people. Many of them not worth a mention, but people watching is a fantastical past time and London brings that to a whole new level. I couldn't imagine living in any other city in this country, I just don't think it could be matched, warts and all.

I came home moments before D, who then proceeded to cook up a midnight feast of mammoth proportions. A perfect ending to a quite perfect day.

Today I fixed my lovely ASOS necklace that hadn't been made right - it fell all twisted and I had never worn it but at was the finishing touch to today's outfit of blue woollen pleated dress with silver trim!


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  2. i find the little clutch adorable and that necklace .. i pretty much envy you xD

  3. Ah thank you - I have a closet full of little finds - I NEVER spend much on anything - just those little sales add up! ASOS is available in the US right? Jewellery sales :o)