Tuesday, 15 September 2009

F is for Fashion and for Fun

So my time off work hasn't all been misery and tears and sickness - it's also been about oh so pretty pictures.

There's been some lovely sunsets where I have actually been home to see them.

There was a weird cat in the paper - I have no clue what the story was about but the picture made me laugh.

I dressed in the most ridiuculously girly outfit possible - white dress with pink squares in polka dot fashion with a pink floral border and my pink and white Hello Kitty trainers and pink ribbon from my birthday present from Joanne.

I saw the coolest tree house ever.

Some lovely scenery, it was hard to believe we were just outside of London.

We went to a vineyard to buy flowers....as you do - and here are two of the new additions (I think we will be needing a new house soon just to put the plants in).

The Shaving Brush Plant and the Pink Bubble Plant. I pick out plants I like then you can guarantee I then get told they have silly names.

And finally some fashion....my highlights of the latest edition of Elle Magazine:

I am loving the sequin tights (also loving how easy they are going to be to make), loving the dress - it's going to get comments but I think I have to have it and the goth look with a twist.

Close up of the dress - please someone get it me.............

And when fashion gets a bit ridiculous but still makes pretty pictures - no one can pull off a white body suit to walk down the street in and those shoes - I think all you could do is stand on them and sway.

And some highlights -the ring is gorgeous but a months salary for most of us - so um in a word, NO! Gorgeous shoes - like you've stepped into a big bubble of oil, a handbag with jewelled rings for a knuckleduster type handle - if I had money I'd be dangerous - or at least my closet would be!

And this outfit - it's almost hideous but I do love the fact that the cloak looks like cloud - a cute little fluffy cloud - makes you want to snuggle up and go to sleep......


  1. hey, i gave a look @ your blog, and im also keen to know the new fashion trends @ your Place.. though the sequin tights came last year in India. but.. still i would love to have one

  2. That dress with the mouth is fantastic! You will be my favorite person in the whole world if you wear that dress.

    Hah hah.


  3. that's fantastic dress..i like it,if i see one of those here in Jakarta,i think i gonna buy it..hehehe since I'm a fashion freak..

  4. I haven't actually seen it for sale yet which is so annoying - I see they have a tshirt version too but it's just not quite the same - I am officially on the hunt for that gater dress ☺☺♥