Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Do you want it pretty....or do you want the truth?

That statement says a lot (I think it's a film or a book that is coming out soon as well). But the truth is rarely very pretty, there are rarely any added sparkles put on....but sometimes I like it that way - I want to know the grit, warts and all, I want to know what to expect....I can add my own diamante hundreds and thousands later.

I seem to forever be ranting lately that life is not fair. You're right it's not but you gotta keep your faith - keep smiling when the world is kicking shit in your teeth. Have you tried that? It ain't pretty.

Some of the unfair things right now..........that poor little girl that died of skin cancer........the poor children that were in the documentary about the worlds tallest teenagers. There was a boy that was 13 and 6' 9" - no one wants to stand out at that age but especially like that. When I started high school I was the tallest student there, it wasn't nice - I felt like a freak. Today I am a nice 5' 10" and I love it BUT this poor child had deformed joints it was effecting his health but man this kid could see the bright side still.

You look around you and the little turd balls of life seem to roll along with nothing too bad ever happening to them - they will be the ones that get tonnes of money in benefits. Or the misfits that win the lottery and just become junkies or squander it all in ridiculous ways.

Someone said (and I think it may have been Ashton Kutcher) that if you all threw your problems onto a pile for everyone to see and share you would probably take your own back....and you know what, you probably would.

Recently I found myself feeling a bit put out about a few people I knew that seemed to trample on others but come up smelling of roses time and time again. Then seeing the really good people just get given bad news after bad break. It was frying my mind. Then I realised that all those 'bad things' in life not only toughen you up but give you a much broader view on the world, you learn lessons you wouldn't otherwise get to learn. You become whole. You value some of the simple things in life. You notice some of the simple pleasures in life that surround you all the time, if you just take the time to notice. You value the important things. You don't pretend to be happy you can truly appreciate it when you are. You can sympathise and empathise with the world. You have probably taken the time to enjoy the stars twinkling in the sky, to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise.

I don't believe we are born lucky or unlucky - it's how we perceive things. Positive thinking has a lot to be said for it. As does the saying, don't let the bastards kick you down. Always pick yourself up and dust yourself down and never ever let anyone make you feel sorry for being who you are.
As long as you know you are a good and kind person who cares how others judge you? There will always be someone ready to put you down so don't join in and put yourself down as well. If someone doesn't like you well remember it is them that is missing out on who could be a great friend.

You have to remember - when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.....or reach for the tequila and salt.


  1. I really like this...
    kinda opened my eyes..
    =] ♥

  2. Aw thank you - it's hard to live by it but I try my best.......

  3. "I don't believe we are born lucky or unlucky - it's how we perceive things. Positive thinking has a lot to be said for it..."


    Nothing matter except for being able to answer the question: Now What?

    Great post!

    BTW... I want the truth!


  4. Thank you Dayne. It's true I don't want it candy coated as then I don't know what I have to deal with....I also believe in living with no regrets and only learning curves....some just happen to be steeper than others ☺

  5. "when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.....or reach for the tequila and salt" really2 nice speech...i do agree with u...your blog inspired me..and we have 1 thing in common,both of us likes the idea of positive thinking.and i adore u for wrote this blog. :)