Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Another manic Monday...even though it's Tuesday!

Urgh it's one thing I do every day of my life but I still haven't gotten to grips with it. Getting up!?!?!
I started work but left my brain somewhere on the bus I am sure, a strong cup of coffee that made my lips curl but did little else for me.
Today is a scary day. I have to meet up with a group of strangers for a book review session down the pub. Eek. These days I am such a social retard these things scare me, but, I also believe it's good to take yourself out of your comfort zone once in a while, you know, really feel alive, or panicky and flighty haha. Fingers crossed I don't say something stupid (who am I trying to kid) or don't fall over...it has been known.

In the news more and more shootings on the London streets - one took place in a little club just up the road from where I live (deemed a respectable neighbourhood - whatever that actually means) but I don't get it, I really really don't understand this violence. Maybe I am not meant to, maybe it's a good thing that I don't!?! I just keep coming back to the thought that life is tough enough - just day to day you know.

This weekend turned into video fest I think and last night we watched Little Shop of Horrors - it's too funny, a great 'classic', it's well shot and put together - the songs are funny - that acting is pretty terrible, but for once, that is the point. But I am scared, D has lots of those carniverous man eating plants (ok I lied about the man eating) but I had a dream that one of his plants knocked on the bedroom door. Only I get spooked by a musical!

We also watched The Illusionist - not bad to be honest....I hadn't quite seen the ending coming although I knew 'something' like that was on the cards - the good guy always wins right!?! Or at least in Hollywoodland they do! I think we did some costumes for it at work. I did see the opening credits to White Fang where two of the costume designers I work with and for where named....it was like it was family I think I actually let out a little squeal of pride for them when their names came up. Did I introduce myself to you yet? Sometimes my middle name is 'sad' as in pathetic.


  1. Me too I find it hard sometimes meeting strangers , its like you don't want look stupid in front of people. Oh , I also have seen the illusionist loved the film . I also liked the ending found it sweet that edward norton in the film found a way to be with Jessica biel.

  2. Throughtout the whole film people's facing were wobbling and I still don't know if that was meant to be part of the film or if my dvd was faulty - it made it all even more surreal!

  3. I like your blog, its pretty well observed and matches my bizarre attitude lol

  4. Ah thumbs up - thank you very much! I'll check out your blog when I can!