Wednesday, 30 September 2009

D day....

.....also known as Hospital appointment day.

I have been ill for almost 4 years now - and that takes a lot out of you - physically and emotionally. It's been a rollercoaster ride I have wanted to get off so many times but I seem to be stuck - going round and round and round. I am hoping this time is going to be different. This time is third time lucky...I hope.

It took 18 months of tests and practically moving into the doctors surgery before it was taken totally seriously that something was wrong. By this point I was so anaemic I wasn't even able to climb more than 3 stairs without having to stop for a was embarrassing. There were other health issues going on that were making it nigh on impossible for me to have a life of any normalcy. I am saving you a lot of gory details here so please bare with me if you feel a bit confused, it really is for your benefit!!

I could feel my body closing down and at this time I was made redundant from my job. I got another job in record speed and tried to focus.

I couldn't get to work on many days and was worried about losing my job. I was spending a lot of money on medical goods. I was often too sick or too weak to be able to go out with my friends, I didn't really know what was wrong to be able to tell them why I couldn't make it. Many took it personally. Which was a shame. It became such a personal struggle.

A few months into my job it was confirmed that I had something called Fibroid tumours (you may wonder why I am sharing such information on a blog, well, I found that there wasn't much information out there and felt very unsupported - the personal side effects were awful and no one was discussing this with me and that is this is more about awareness than me I think, I will post again about the life changing effects this has had on me at another time.)

I had to go for a pre-op' check up and it was here it was noted how anaemic I was. I had been getting heart palpitations and had been told these were probably panic attacks - when they saw the levels of iron in me or not in me to be more accurate, they told me it was my heart struggling to pump blood round me and that I was close to a heart attack...nice!

I went into the operation blindly hoping it would solve at least the medical side of things. I didn't feel prepared and didn't feel like I had been given all the options available to me, but by this point I was desperate. I had the operation - waking up I couldn't believe the operation had already been carried out, much to the amusement of the nurses around me. They also informed me that everyone chatters when coming round from anaesthetic and they said I had either a great imagination or had been somewhere really lovely. Knowing me I was talking about rainbows and sunsets and unicorns!!

A few weeks later I was in recovery at home and felt dreadful. None of the symptoms seemed to have gotten better, if anything, maybe worse. I called the hospital and asked to be checked. It turned out they hadn't removed the tumor as much as they thought. So they said I had to wait 6 months and have the procedure all over again. Oh yippee.

6 months later I have been so ill that work was putting the pressure on me. The hospital gave me 3 months of evil injections where the needle was so big it leaves a mark for months. This put my body into a drug enduced menopause. Did I say how Evil they were!?! It was quite frankly a horrible time. But onwards I went into my second operation. I got given different stuff to knock me out and I think it had a bad effect on me. I woke up panicked and tearful and had blood blisters all over me where the monitors had been....apparently they knocked me out with morphine when I came round as I was stressed. They had accidentally cut me and I had started to hemorrhage but I had been stitched up and the rest of the operation had gone well but they would need to keep me in over night. Honestly I looked like I had been target practice for someone. They wanted D to leave but I insisted on seeing him and a lovely nurse snuck him into my ward for a few hours. During the night they had to wake me every hour to make sure my vitals were still ok - there was a panic at one point as they had all dropped but here I am so you know it ended ok. I was so bored and I thank that lady next to me for having the loudest wind ever - I was like a child in hysterics but going ow ow as I laughed. I didn't realise that was a side effect of the gas for some people - it gives them gas oh how we laughed.....much to the night nurses amusement.

I decided to leave my job and concentrate on getting well. It took months. I found a new job and wanted a fresh start. I got that and it lasted for 5 months until things started to go wrong again. I went back to the hospital - they didn't want to know - they asked me why I was there. They did a scan and oh I was right things weren't right but they were not sure what to do and would I come back. After 3 failed attempts at them getting the appointment right I gave up on them and was referred to a great new hospital. They carried out more tests and told me I had 6 months before I was totally bed ridden again and that sorry but a third operation was most definitely needed. The consultant told me that he was so sorry for all I had been through and what was still to come. He was so human. Even if it's not third time lucky this time I feel like they will have given it their best shot. In a few hours I am going to meet the surgeon to find out what they are going to do and if they think they can give me any form of life back.

I am nervous. I am scared. But most importantly...I am hopeful.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

My weekly roundup - not quite the September Issue but.....

My apologies for that being the opening image....I can hear screams of 'my eyes!!' from here!!! 'Try hard much' is the only phrase that springs to mind. IF you are weird and crazy - we'll know - you don't have to try to make it so obvious. IF you are stylish and sexy - we'll know - you don't have to practically cavort around naked. Lady Ga Ga I do not salute you (shame as the girl knows how to write a catchy song but she's made me not be able to stand know WHATEVER so past caring.)

Moving on to this? What is it? Emu reincarnated? His offspring? There have been sightings of Big foot again, I think it was really someone in one of these coats just a little lost whilst out on a walk.

Red coats. Every year I want one - one year I had a gorgeous Victorian style long coat with fake fur trim all around and a hood - my flatmate was being kind and popped it in the wash to surprise me - she did. It came out half the coat it was ah boo - but the middle coat looks like a mighty fine replacement. Oh yay I can be called Little Red Riding hood everywhere I go again.

These boots I love. I just don't know anyone that can wear heels like that on a daily basis especially anyone that has to actually walk? If you know the secret please do tell!

Now I know fashion should be creative but I sometimes think it goes a bit too far - it still has to be wearable and I don't think half a blanket wrapped round you with a very dangerous face level sharp bit is all that makes a nice silhouette though.

The tights - the sequined tights are back again and these I love, but the dress - it looks like the pebble dashed sick puddles you find in the street on a Saturday mornings but there is something about it that makes me think with the right accessories it might just work...

I am a girly girl and I do like bows and pink and pretty things but is it just me or some of the bows getting taken to extremes that they no longer look like a bow but a porter pillow?

Alexa Chung (I met her once - not as tall as I had expected, I was taller, but she had the most amazing skin)....anyway, she was slated for wearing this dress with people saying it look a doilie. I disagree, I think she carries this look off well and is young enough to make it look a little girly, feminine and quirky and not doilie like!

This look I love, the hair, the pink make up, the red beret, the gloves...I think it's going to be my winter look!

I love these trainers - buckles and baseball boots, it adds to the boot to stop it looking too sporty or too lazy. I think these will go on my Christmas list too!

I have seen a lot of white and soft peaches on the fashion pages - I don't understand how it is a winter or a spring colour - I am also not sold on it's suitability for most people - if you are pale skinned it can look dangerously like you have no clothes on from a certain distance and can have a draining effect on the complexion - so I think it's a pretty look but one that you have to be very careful with the make up and the accessories you choose to go with.
Now this is much more colourful and much more fitting for the season - I can't see me in it but a young Marianne Faithful would've loved it.

I tried to like this bag and I guess it would go with your staple lbd or off duty model look but I'd end up stroking it like it was my pet dog and then that's all I could see it as - a pretend pet dog on a chain.

I don't think I should like this dress, but I do. At over £1,000 I like it a little less but it's cute and quirky and with all the layers on it - you can hide the extra pie or two tummy to perfection.

And now for the gossip - I don't know what went on with Mischa Barton and more to the point I couldn't care too much either - but whatever happened to make her go from this:

To just a matter of weeks has got to get the thumbs up. Not only did it give her cheekbones - it gave her style!!!!!!!!!

I laughed and laughed and shook my head thinking silly old fool when it was first announced that Ronnie Wood had put his poor wife out of her misery and left her for a younger model. Of course it was true love but Jo bless her she got up brushed herself off and has got on with her life even stating that she feels like she has been set free....and now Ronnie's world has come crashing down around him. Let that be a lesson to you old men - young pretty girls are fleeting - your wife that was once the young pretty girl is probably the person to stick with, ok!?!?

And yay Agnes has gone dark. I love it on her. I love that she will change her style - she is in fashion after all - think Kate Moss, same look for yeaaaaarssss. I will always herald the black bob - I had a great one until I got bored and decided to grow it but I am naturally blonde and hated it. With blonde hair someone once said to a friend 'who was that blonde bint you were with?' when I dyed it they were asked who the dark haired mysterious lady was....well I know which I preferred. Life did seem easier as a blonde though - no one had many expectations but who wants easy!

I will round up my weekly review with a nod to Jennifer Aniston. She's not a classic beauty and she doesn't have a models figure but all I can say to that is THANK YOU! She's a little more real but has topped the best dressed lists many times. People went mad for her haircut. And horse shampoo has never sold so well. BUT what is she being remembered for....a lady that is hopeless at relationships!??!! What now? Her husband cheated on her and dumped her. That makes him a bit of a shit it doesn't make her a hopeless case. So Miss Jennifer, I salute you!

Monday, 28 September 2009

The weather forecast is Cloudy, with a chance of meatballs......

Last week I finally got to see the film with the best name ever. The film that between you and me I had actually forgotten about...heaven forbid. I LOVE animated films. Pixar in particular. This has gotten me laughed at many times (sadly it is not the only thing people laugh at me for)!! A friend recently announced that she didn't get WallE that it made no sense and she couldn't get into it.......there was a comedy moment of my head snapping around so fast with jaw hitting floor screeching WHAT??????????? Before the disney store momentarily got my attention back again (I seriously have a peter pan's not that I am immature you hear), so she repeats herself and this time she gets my full attention. It was almost like swearing to my ears. Not like...not like Wa.....NOT LIKE WALLE ARE YOU INSANE!?!?! I took a deep breath and explained to her that it was a story of not respecting planet earth, of not questioning things and not valuing things and just following the masses and and (this is where I probably started to hyperventilate) but she got the point. She told me not to wait whilst she got the bus -but I did - giving her the low down on the deep meaning behind WallE the whole time (hey, what are friends for).

The point is - I went to see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

I knew I was going to love it, it was no pixar and wasn't the most mind blowing of story lines but it was the geek boy come good and he fell in love with the hot chick who was really a geek girl too - awwwww and a plus to all the people that wear glasses and are fed up with the heroine only becoming attractive when she loses her glasses - well this one only became attractive when she put her glasses on...a result in itself. If that didn't win you over, how about a film about a place that rains food, anything you want, ice cream mountains, hamburger heaven, a monkey that has a fight with some Gummy Bears? Surely that in itself is enough? There is a character voiced by Mr T and naturally a town where it rains food seems like a good idea but............well I'm not going to spoil it for you am I you'll just have to go and see it.

Whilst on the subject of deep intellectual films (queue whistling and the rolling of eyes and innocent shuffling of feet)....Sunday was spent in my favorite way - going out for a late breakfast (most call it lunch) and then hiring a bunch of films from the video store. Last nights choice was Encounters at the End of The World, directed by Werner Herzog which you may know from the film the Grizzly Man (a loner who had gone off to live with bears and was eventually eaten by one), anyway we figured there could be a chance it wouldn't be the happiest of films but that the scenery would at least be amazing. It was worth watching just for the recording of seal song....why on earth have I never been told about this before? It was like some weird dance track being played under the sea - quite haunting but lovely with some little beats thrown in. It blew me away (I might not be rushing out to by a cassette of Seal song but you get the picture).

The film focuses on some individuals that have chosen to make Antarctica their home from home in a research station. They go diving beneath the ice only having their own sense of direction to rely on to get themselves back to safety and to not get trapped under the ice. In the depths of Antarctica there is a volcano that spews out little lava explosions. I find that quite surreal. Shackleton's old hut still stands there in it's original state - looking like a dated convenience store with some shredded woolen tights also out on display. There is a lost penguin running around on a mission that will lead to his death but there is nothing that a human could do for him - it felt a bit white rabbit from Alice in wonderland to me. There was even a very feasible explanation given that we are not meant to be on this land but fled the sea and that just like the dinosaurs who became extinct, that humans are next....mother nature will ultimately win sounds doomy but it's not. It sounds a bit sensationalist, but it's not. The interview with Werner at the end makes the man sound a lot more interesting than the doom merchant many have perceived him to be - he just has a slightly different way of thinking to the average film maker. Mother nature will ultimately win......I think I would tend to agree.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The September Issue

Finally....I got my copy of The September Issue and time to watch it (all be it at 830am on a Sunday morning, so much for the well needed lie in)....I was also meant to watch this with my friend Fe with a bottle of wine and all that but I think I can happily watch this again!!

You can feel the buzz and the energy that goes into the operation of putting out an issue of a magazine. OK it's not just any magazine, it's Vogue - the bible for many's not just a copy of Vogue either though it's the September Issue......THE issue of the year really. There was a lot of glamour, some lovely clothes, some not so lovely clothes, models, make up, accessories and travelling. Beautiful cities, beautiful people? Well, you can tell that a lot of thought and work and effort goes into this and one helluva lot of money and blood, sweat and tears. You get quite a good reward at the end of it though - in the form of the finished edition.....seeing that hit the shelves of magazine shops must be quite something.....but.........and you knew there would be one.

But....I was impressed and quite surprised at how shy and almost timid at times Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington appear. Anna is definitely the one that has the reputation of being a battle axe. I would beg to differ. I feel she is a woman with a lot of demands on her time so she has gotten used to cutting out the frills and sticking to the facts, with very few pleasantries. I am sure it has made many an intern cry but I think it's a manner you get used to but probably never like. But Anna knows her stuff and no one could dispute that. She mentions her father and the driven person he was and you realise she probably hasn't been around the gushy or normal hug kiss love you kind of vibe. She has a daughter. She's pretty. Doesn't appear to be like Anna much at all. Anna is going away and makes kissy noises to her daughter and is gone. Maybe she is so used to what I call the air kiss lifestyle - maybe she isn't aware of not switching off or maybe she is incredibly private and can't do those things on camera. Anna at times seemed at a loss of how to communicate with people when it wasn't talking about a specific shoot or deadline, it was quite interesting to see as you just assume that she would be this mega confident lady that has schmoozing down to a tee, but she appears to be a lady of few words when outside of her remit....if that is the right word.

Grace on the other hand seems almost humble at times, a little bit on the giggly side which was actually quite refreshing and lovely to see. Again this is a lady that really knows her stuff and comes across as much more of a people person - she seems to care about the models eating and how they are. But at the same time I get the impression she thinks it's all a bit ridiculous. There is no doubt that she loves fashion and photography and clothes but I think she finds celebrity and 'model perfect' to be ridiculous. You can't criticise her for that because quite frankly it is. I feel like the size of a house compared to the people on that show, sure I am under no illusion that I have put on weight since I got ill BUT honestly - nearly everyone (bar the cameraman, bless him) is stick thin. But they all have this slightly aged look to them for it - or when they are young I feel they look like their head is going to fall off and their back arches in a way that I am sure nature did not intend.

There is no doubt there's a lot of fun when working in the world of fashion and I think the 'crazy' of the shoots would be quite infectious for a while BUT I think I quite like having the freedom of being the reader and just writing when I choose - I can get as involved in that issue as I want or just use it flick through now and then. I think I wouldn't be strong enough to have my work criticised in the search of getting the perfect piece for the magazine, I think I would take it too personally. I cannot stand people talking behind someones back and I cannot stand the bullshit schmoozing conversation.....if I like you, you'll know about it, if I don't you will also know - I like to know where I stand and I am not sure working on a such a high profile magazine lets you know that. Grace seemed simply blown away by some of Anna's choices and you think all those years of working together and all those years of honing her craft yet still she doesn't know how things are going to go - that can be really exciting but I imagine also incredibly tiring.

Anna mentions someone retiring because they realised they were getting too angry. She said that she gets quite angry and maybe she'll know when to quit when she becomes too angry. I personally would give it up before that point. And I guess that is why I am Little Miss Alison writing a humble blog and she is Anna Wintour deemed one of the most powerful women in America.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Short but most definitely not sweet.......

I was going to write a post about more fashion pieces last night but alas my head was turned by a channel 4 news article about the child sex trade in Kenya. Some of the villages there are just now almost accepting that the children from the village will not just be approached for sex but will actually end up being paid for sex or raped or both. A girl of 12 told her tale how her family have no money and she was on the beach and a white man offered her £10 for sex, so she went ahead. Another white man offered to pay her for sex so she agreed, he paid her £5. This is a lot of money to her family....more than a months wages. Children of 12 - 13 will regularly bribe the doormen of clubs to let them inside so that they can be fondled by holiday makers and later paid for sex. They don't always look to be 12 or 13 but one thing they have in common is the dead look in their eyes. We then got to see an Orphanage set up to help these children escape such lifestyles. Many children in the orphanage have been raped by the people in their village and been paid for sex by tourists. It has become common practice for young children to have to have sex with a villager to prepare them for what is to come (pardon the pun). The footage then went to a local clinic that often dealt with the fall out of this 'trade'. One little boy was crying and screaming obviously scared and frightened and in pain. He was 6 years old and had just been raped by a villager.

My mind reels, my skin crawls, my blood boils. I can't even put into words how I feel as so many questions trip out of my mouth.

This is a civilised world? Best joke I have heard in a long time. Remember that song by Nada Surf I spoke about the other day about you'll feel good for a few minutes but they'll be screwed up for one should have to endure such things but especially not children. One little girl was thought to have been abused from the age of 3 and the fear is that foreigners are now starting to seek out children as young as this. I think they are commonly known as pedophiles....I have my own names for them.

The authorities in Kenya are starting to take note of this tragic situation. They are starting to realise just how bad this has become but they are also worried about the effect these stories will have on their tourism industry.

I know this is not an ideal world, no matter how hard I try to pretend it is, I know that it's not. I know that some people have urges that are not appropriate, I think that giant nut crackers would maybe be a solution...................

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Random randomness

.......I'm just taking a breather on the sofa and I flicked on the tv. There was an hour long programme about Lindsey Lohan, I am still wondering why on earth I have wasted an hour of my life in such a way but honestly - what is the point of that girl? And Paris Hilton - ewwww don't even get me started. Both girls have been given a great opportunity in life but I can't see that either of them are doing us or them any good with the power that they have. I would always like to think if I were famous I would remember where my feet should be planted and I would always remember that I have been given a voice and it should be used for much more beneficially things than shouting 'Fire crotch' at each other. I know they are young BUT do they have to be stupid too? Now, Nicole Richie used to be another 'one of those types' but she appears to have put herself into a good place, she and her boyfriend have a great foundation set up and I think she appreciates the position she is in. Although the fact that she has called her new born Sparrow is making me wonder if she's been taking a bit of the illegal stuff again.

I ponder that sort of life and I really couldn't imagine it. I wouldn't want it. I saw a video of Paris Hiltons closet once and I thought that I might be a little jealous of all the clothes, shoes and jewellery but it was over sized looked hideous.....excess to the point of being know when you fancy a cream cake but a box of them is on offer in the store and it seems like such a great idea at the time but ends up like rainbow vomit? That's Paris's wardrobe. That much excess doesn't make you jealous/envious it makes you feel a little uneasy. There is something great about saving up for something or those charity store finds........I wonder if they have ever felt that or if it's like yet another free gift, yet another blah blah. Maybe that is why so many of them go on to steal - just for kicks - a thrill that we get from making that most wanted purchase. And then not being able to wear the same dress more than once - I have some items of clothing that I would hate to never be able to wear again. Then there's some people in this world that are probably lucky to have more than one posh frock and one pair of shoes.......just a thought.

I can't help but find these girls become very ugly on the inside - which then starts to show on the outside too!

It must be so boring to be those people after the first few years of 'fame'. You get kids today with the career ambitions to be 'famous'. You ask them what for and they haven't even thought about that one. I mean I am from that school of girls don't marry the rock star, BE the rock star. Being famous should be a by product of having an amazing talent. TV should not be filled with the programmes they are. X Factor - it makes my teeth clench just typing the name - taking some people that really half the time need a counsellors couch and not Simon Cowell. Mean and nasty. How many actors and actresses make it? How many streets in Hollywood are filled with broken dreams....out of work actors in bar jobs (sorry dude but you're a barman that wants to be an actor), that's like me saying I am a millionaire that's just having to work til I get my break!?!

Maybe it's not even the fault of these girls, maybe it's the parents or society - but someone pushed it that way - and it's them that really has a lot to answer for - that should be given a voice to explain just why.

It must be horrible to have so many flashing lights going off at you every time you so much as breath - camera lenses in your face, up your skirt, in your crotch. Didn't the native americans say that for each photograph taken of you that it stole a bit of your soul......I can't help thinking that they were onto something!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Do you want it pretty....or do you want the truth?

That statement says a lot (I think it's a film or a book that is coming out soon as well). But the truth is rarely very pretty, there are rarely any added sparkles put on....but sometimes I like it that way - I want to know the grit, warts and all, I want to know what to expect....I can add my own diamante hundreds and thousands later.

I seem to forever be ranting lately that life is not fair. You're right it's not but you gotta keep your faith - keep smiling when the world is kicking shit in your teeth. Have you tried that? It ain't pretty.

Some of the unfair things right now..........that poor little girl that died of skin cancer........the poor children that were in the documentary about the worlds tallest teenagers. There was a boy that was 13 and 6' 9" - no one wants to stand out at that age but especially like that. When I started high school I was the tallest student there, it wasn't nice - I felt like a freak. Today I am a nice 5' 10" and I love it BUT this poor child had deformed joints it was effecting his health but man this kid could see the bright side still.

You look around you and the little turd balls of life seem to roll along with nothing too bad ever happening to them - they will be the ones that get tonnes of money in benefits. Or the misfits that win the lottery and just become junkies or squander it all in ridiculous ways.

Someone said (and I think it may have been Ashton Kutcher) that if you all threw your problems onto a pile for everyone to see and share you would probably take your own back....and you know what, you probably would.

Recently I found myself feeling a bit put out about a few people I knew that seemed to trample on others but come up smelling of roses time and time again. Then seeing the really good people just get given bad news after bad break. It was frying my mind. Then I realised that all those 'bad things' in life not only toughen you up but give you a much broader view on the world, you learn lessons you wouldn't otherwise get to learn. You become whole. You value some of the simple things in life. You notice some of the simple pleasures in life that surround you all the time, if you just take the time to notice. You value the important things. You don't pretend to be happy you can truly appreciate it when you are. You can sympathise and empathise with the world. You have probably taken the time to enjoy the stars twinkling in the sky, to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise.

I don't believe we are born lucky or unlucky - it's how we perceive things. Positive thinking has a lot to be said for it. As does the saying, don't let the bastards kick you down. Always pick yourself up and dust yourself down and never ever let anyone make you feel sorry for being who you are.
As long as you know you are a good and kind person who cares how others judge you? There will always be someone ready to put you down so don't join in and put yourself down as well. If someone doesn't like you well remember it is them that is missing out on who could be a great friend.

You have to remember - when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.....or reach for the tequila and salt.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The internet conspires against I hit back with a blog about fashion

...let the battle commence. Oh heck forget it I win - every time I win - it's my Internet annoying me so I have the power to walk away and do something else instead but I am going to try to put up some pictures and woffle on for a while......

NO! NO!!

AND NO!!!!!!!!!!

Three classic fashion don'ts. I can't even begin to think who would or even why and if you found yourself looking at any of those three pictures and thinking hmmmm nice - think again and quickly - honestly I will be saving you from fashion suicide. It's not a fashion statement, it's not even a fashion question mark it is definitely a fashion fuck up, OK!

And so is this, lets be fair! It was under the title of best of British - that hair is hideous - so much so even Angelina couldn't pull off that blow back bouffant.

But ah, bliss. There is not one of these dresses I would not happily let you buy for me ☺ All are high street so are affordable - all are wearable and all are quite lovely - that is all I want from fashion.

And these boots - Hearts and buckles and mmm mmm mmmmm (How long is it til Christmas? I've been a good girl Santa - honest I have.)

But then what have we hear - Scary Miss Mary on the catwalk - I really don't think I like this look of put as many kirby grips in your hair as possible so that you will never get through customs, so you will have no hair left on your head by the time you remove them all and so you have a rigid metal hair look. Not one I will be copying and to be honest - that model kindof scares me! Her dress is quite cute though - one of the times mixing pink and red really works...not that I have ever gotten it wrong you understand........

And this, in a word, WHY? I know the 80's are making a big comeback but purlease there are some looks that were left there on purpose you hear.

BUT LOOK! I told you I knew my stuff - TAVI marked up as The Prodigy. I thank you and allow myself a pat on the back for noticing a good thing when I see one.

I love Vivienne. I can't afford to wear Vivienne - not even in the sales but I love her all the same. When I first heard of this ad' campaign I was a little perplexed. But I think it kindof works.

Speaking of adverts, I think this has to be one of my favorite ever. Juicy must've invested so much money in this latest campaign - it's everywhere - Bond street tube looks like a shrine to them - it's on everything - floors, name it, it's probably there. It looks like how my life should be every day and how my life is in my head every day - it's just amazing.

Now old Kate Moss - she's done a few ad' campaigns in her time. She's been mostly a body and face and no mouth - and I think she should have stuck to that tried and tested formula at the GQ Awards - not only did she act like a brat as the lime light wasn't on her - she was potty mouthed spotty faced.......well actually if she had dirty fingernails she'd have been the female Pete Doherty without any of the 'charm'. I am guessing this was not the look or image she was going for. Apparently the next day she said it was all a joke.......well yeah, there was sure one joke going on that day love.

Speaking of bags (oh how I make myself laugh) look at this baby - it goes with the shoes I wanted last week - oh Santa I have been very very very good...........

And this, well I think the hair looks like a wig that slipped - but they can pull off the purple lippy look to perfection - I look like I have been dug up when I try it - so I don't anymore, but the coat on the right, I love it. It looks like a muted painting a small child has done whilst crawling on their hands and knees but for some reason I really like it.

But what? Is she trying to look like a Robin? Why take a pretty slim girl and make her look like that!?!
And this? See above about how some things should be left in the 80's.

I saw Lindsey Lohan wearing some leggings like this and just thought well you wouldn't want to cross your legs now would you - and there are some where the studs are on the back of the leg, well how do you go about sitting down in those? I then realised how useful they would be on a crowded tube train.

And finally - to put my faith back in fashion this week, I don't know why they work - they are impractical on every level - won't keep your feet warm or dry, prints are mixed which my mommy told me was a no no, ridiculous heel but somehow for some reason they work - and from Topshop so they won't make the credit card work too hard either.

And Grazia's round up of what is number one............I have to say not bad - considering some of the options they had to work with, it could've been far uglier than this, but I don't think there is anything I wouldn't wear.

My full apologies for the layout of this post - I think that the pc is having a hard time and I cannot try to fix this one more time and still keep my sanity - sorry!