Sunday, 30 August 2009

Saturday 29 August 2009

A Saturday night and I am ill and not at the party I am meant to be at (sorry Jo) I spent the night in a constructive manner of making pictures with UFO's flying around my head.

Sad news of the day was that DJAM was found dead - he'd overcome a drug addiction and drink problem so severe that he put a loaded shotgun in his mouth (normally an indicator that rock bottom is pretty close), he seemed to have overcome so much and even the survival of that fatal plane crash with Travis Barker. I guess the inner torture of that and his significant other walking out on him became a bit too much. It is alleged that his body was found, alone, in his apartment with a near empty packet of crack stuck to his chest. Given a second chance, but such a shame that the energy was used for such things. RIP Adam.

On a happier note it would appear that Oasis have split up. Now that cheers me like you wouldn't believe. Could it possibly be true that I won't have to put up with listening to that stupid moany voiced Liam spitting down his chin singing a love song with a 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough' look at his mircophone's the things dreams are made of and I really do think mine just came true! Bye bye Oasis, I won't be missing you!

And Nicole Richie hasn't had her baby yet - I don't know why I am so intrigued by this - I guess the turnaround of someone that was quite the fuck up didn't seem to be real - but it looks like it is and I salute her for that.

And Tavi, a little genius in the making, appears not to be my little secret at all. I bought two magazines today, in one there is a double page feature about her and in the other a full on spread of photos and an interview. I wish I was as cool as her now, let alone when I was 13. Can you imagine being flown to London after being sent a box of goodies to play dress up in and then take photos of it all to appear in a magazine....and here I am listening to the gentle drip drip of the fridge defrosting. I think I lose on this one!

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