Monday, 31 August 2009

♥ A 24 hour gift.......also known as a bank holiday ♥

A whole other day off work - no matter how much I do or don't love my job - an extra day off is always a good thing. It started by watching Kings of Leon's Reading Set. I have had the pleasure of going to some of their live shows when they were still playing small venues, I don't like big arenas and therefore have declined to go and see them on their last two tours. But. Seeing as they are one of my favorite bands, and have played some of the best gigs I have been to - I still can't let go of my snobbery to arena tours. That set at Reading might just change my mind. Even though they seemed to be plagued with sound problems I think they did an excellent set - yay to Kings of Leon for being continuously amazing!

Last night we watched a film called Free Jimmy. I had never heard of this movie - it was one of those things that jump out at you from a shelf (just like the book I am reading called 'Video Night in Kathmandu' - the opening lines on the back of the book are 'Mohawk haircuts in Bali. In guanzhou - in the New China - a Buffeteria serving dishes called 'Yes Sir, Cheese my baby', 'A legitimate Beef' and 'Ike and Tuna Turner'......I'll let you know if the pages live up to the greatness on the back!) anyway - the looked a little Pixar/Shrek like on the front, and that will always get the thumbs up to the Little Peter Pan element in me (I love Pixar). There was a big label on the front saying not suitable for children - and they'd be right. After watching it I am not so sure it was suitable for adults either but I had such high expectations at the start. Jimmy is a drug addicted circus performer that is getting old - it turns out that Jimmy is an elephant in the most pitiful Zoo that is being used as a place to hide drugs. The drugs are worth a million and are hidden inside the elephants butt. The animals are controlled by substances and Jimmy has a drug problem of mammoth (get it) proportions. He has to have uppers and downers to get him through his performance and just to get through the day - but Jimmy escapes (insert dramatic music) all the while there are a bunch of good for nothings trying to find Jimmy because they know how much his ass is worth - and there are some mafia after the good for nothings who in turn are all being chased by some Animal Liberation people. The end result if not as expected, Jimmy is shot by a forever weeping and wailing Animal Liberation Person and the hole in his butt means that through blood loss and the drugs hidden within seeping into his system he stumbles, falls down and bam he's dead....end of movie. The high hopes were quickly shed and I was left scratching my head.

The sun is shining and it's the last day of August - I am going to pop on my new overly sparkled bright blue trainers (don't ever say I don't have style) and go outside. Notting Hill carnival is on so whilst the masses scream, shout and pass out drunk - I am going to make the most of the quiet streets of um Crouch End.


  1. wow , you live in london so do I . the film you watched sounded strange. Well the notting hill carnival is always dangerous.

  2. oh yeah , check out my blogg too..

  3. Yeah I stayed away from all that - too many drunk people is never pretty :o) Thanks for your comments - I've checked your page - it's good - Manga/Anime is amazing!