Monday, 31 August 2009

♥ A 24 hour gift.......also known as a bank holiday ♥

A whole other day off work - no matter how much I do or don't love my job - an extra day off is always a good thing. It started by watching Kings of Leon's Reading Set. I have had the pleasure of going to some of their live shows when they were still playing small venues, I don't like big arenas and therefore have declined to go and see them on their last two tours. But. Seeing as they are one of my favorite bands, and have played some of the best gigs I have been to - I still can't let go of my snobbery to arena tours. That set at Reading might just change my mind. Even though they seemed to be plagued with sound problems I think they did an excellent set - yay to Kings of Leon for being continuously amazing!

Last night we watched a film called Free Jimmy. I had never heard of this movie - it was one of those things that jump out at you from a shelf (just like the book I am reading called 'Video Night in Kathmandu' - the opening lines on the back of the book are 'Mohawk haircuts in Bali. In guanzhou - in the New China - a Buffeteria serving dishes called 'Yes Sir, Cheese my baby', 'A legitimate Beef' and 'Ike and Tuna Turner'......I'll let you know if the pages live up to the greatness on the back!) anyway - the looked a little Pixar/Shrek like on the front, and that will always get the thumbs up to the Little Peter Pan element in me (I love Pixar). There was a big label on the front saying not suitable for children - and they'd be right. After watching it I am not so sure it was suitable for adults either but I had such high expectations at the start. Jimmy is a drug addicted circus performer that is getting old - it turns out that Jimmy is an elephant in the most pitiful Zoo that is being used as a place to hide drugs. The drugs are worth a million and are hidden inside the elephants butt. The animals are controlled by substances and Jimmy has a drug problem of mammoth (get it) proportions. He has to have uppers and downers to get him through his performance and just to get through the day - but Jimmy escapes (insert dramatic music) all the while there are a bunch of good for nothings trying to find Jimmy because they know how much his ass is worth - and there are some mafia after the good for nothings who in turn are all being chased by some Animal Liberation people. The end result if not as expected, Jimmy is shot by a forever weeping and wailing Animal Liberation Person and the hole in his butt means that through blood loss and the drugs hidden within seeping into his system he stumbles, falls down and bam he's dead....end of movie. The high hopes were quickly shed and I was left scratching my head.

The sun is shining and it's the last day of August - I am going to pop on my new overly sparkled bright blue trainers (don't ever say I don't have style) and go outside. Notting Hill carnival is on so whilst the masses scream, shout and pass out drunk - I am going to make the most of the quiet streets of um Crouch End.

Sunday 30 August 2009

I have just read an article about a lady whose husband died 4 years ago leaving her a widow at the age of 36. She has now found new love and is moving onwards and upwards with her life. It's amazing how society makes you feel like you are doing something wrong by wanting to carry on living your life and not just surviving. That somehow by moving on and not falling apart that you didn't love that person enough or that you don't love them anymore. I used to spend hours as a child worrying about my family dying. Even now when my other half (he shall be known as 'D' for the purposes of this) is later home than expected I start to feel that panic bubble rising up. If the lady has found a second chance at happiness then she is lucky. It's a bitter old world we live in sometimes.

Over coffee this morning we decided to look at pictures of Lurcher puppies. Why we do this to ourselves I don't know - it's like torture when we know we can't have a pet in rented accommodation. But, look we still do. These baby lurchers are the cutiest thing - I miss having a dog. I keep thinking about sneaking one into the house, knowing that D would not make me return it. Even though I have a big park on my doorstep - I have no garden of my own so my sensible head always tells me to put the brakes on that idea as it wouldn't be fair to the poor puppy dog. I hear that having a pet is very good for your soul and is great at helping with depression or general convalescence. Well, my devious mind reminds me that I am due to have another operation in a few months time, maybe I could get my doctor to write a letter to my landlord highlighting the importance a pet dog would be to my recovery......I could work the guilty angle like a charm.....but somehow I have a feeling I am living in Ali's World again. I'm just going to have to make do with Bubbles the cat for now.

I've been looking at Courtney Love's new project - of making clothes. I am intrigued - and she over accessorises in the most fantastic way. She appears to be making clothes out of lace, old victorian style outfits and table cloths (fact), but once in a while the amount of lace and muted pastel dye it can end up looking like someone sicked up a rainbow of lace. I am sure that is not the description she is looking for but sometimes she gets it oh so right and sometimes just oh so wrong - not a bad impression of her life I suppose.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Saturday 29 August 2009

A Saturday night and I am ill and not at the party I am meant to be at (sorry Jo) I spent the night in a constructive manner of making pictures with UFO's flying around my head.

Sad news of the day was that DJAM was found dead - he'd overcome a drug addiction and drink problem so severe that he put a loaded shotgun in his mouth (normally an indicator that rock bottom is pretty close), he seemed to have overcome so much and even the survival of that fatal plane crash with Travis Barker. I guess the inner torture of that and his significant other walking out on him became a bit too much. It is alleged that his body was found, alone, in his apartment with a near empty packet of crack stuck to his chest. Given a second chance, but such a shame that the energy was used for such things. RIP Adam.

On a happier note it would appear that Oasis have split up. Now that cheers me like you wouldn't believe. Could it possibly be true that I won't have to put up with listening to that stupid moany voiced Liam spitting down his chin singing a love song with a 'come and have a go if you think you're hard enough' look at his mircophone's the things dreams are made of and I really do think mine just came true! Bye bye Oasis, I won't be missing you!

And Nicole Richie hasn't had her baby yet - I don't know why I am so intrigued by this - I guess the turnaround of someone that was quite the fuck up didn't seem to be real - but it looks like it is and I salute her for that.

And Tavi, a little genius in the making, appears not to be my little secret at all. I bought two magazines today, in one there is a double page feature about her and in the other a full on spread of photos and an interview. I wish I was as cool as her now, let alone when I was 13. Can you imagine being flown to London after being sent a box of goodies to play dress up in and then take photos of it all to appear in a magazine....and here I am listening to the gentle drip drip of the fridge defrosting. I think I lose on this one!

Friday 28 August 2009

Work was slow, so slow I think my brain stopped. But on the way out I saw a rainbow!!

In the evening I went to a gig with a new friend from work. It was a bit Goth for my usual tastes but a good night, I had fun. I may have said a touch too loudly that when your moobs are over hanging your guitar when you play, you should probably think of taking up a new hobby. And I may've pondered aloud about how people are such tortured souls and lost, deep into their art, yet they can still snap out of it for a pose for a camera within the blink of an eye! Misery does love company after all!

Thursday 27 August 2009

Too much time on my hands - or a mind that never shuts down - but I was pondering the whole internet phenomena, and it is weird - online parties that you can watch from your computer at home - surely this just highlights how lonely you are feeling. Virtual friends that you say more to than the friends you actually see....but then we hear about people masquerading as all sorts online so who knows who you are really talking to - I mean, I could be a 90 year old man....for the record, I am not! I will admit though it is amazing that the whole world is practically at your fingertips now thanks to the internet - something that I find quite daunting at times. I thought about the pointlessness I felt about Twitter when I first heard about it, which has now turned into me daily checking my account (I still don't like the term of following people though), I can find out news about bands I like just by checking one page, and I started to say how great it was. But then I saw some of the Tweet/Twats that Frances Bean Cobain was receiving. Now surely, here is a girl that has been through her fair share of stuff already at a meer 17 years of age, does she really need such bullying comments as being told she's an 'ugly whore like her mother and with none of the talent of her dead father'. Do these people not remember their parents telling them that if they had nothing nice to say they should just shut up! Well, maybe that's just brought me round to the whole issue of absent parents and the effect that is having on this world, but that is a whole other rant/discussion.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Cocktails and cinema with the girls. Resulting in a late and somewhat hiccupy entry to a packed cinema - which appeared to have sold far more tickets than it had seats, and for a film that had been out for weeks - such is the popularity of Coco Chanel I guess. It was a fascinating film about a quite wonderful woman. She would be a little radical today but she must've been totally revolutionary, all be it questionable, in her day....and her designs have certianly stood the test of time and silenced her harshest critics as her label is time and again the pick of the 'fabulous bunch'.